Out of Hand is an exhibition of painting and sculptural works by a group of artists who share a discursive interest in continuing the language and experience of contemporary Abstract art.

The paradoxical nature of relationships that have arisen through the process of collaboration resist a homogenised reading in this instance and deliver a body of work that shares a visual vocabulary, particular to the aesthetics of Abstraction. As a process and vehicle of representation, Out of Hand explores a ‘glocal’ rethinking of modernism through a collective response to the role of the author and the spatial relationships that take place in the traditional sphere of reception, the gallery.

These works of art embody the materiality of the artist’s chosen medium to interrogate itinerant histories, past and present, conveying a tableau of complex experience. The role of affect and materiality is also prioritised through the personal methodologies each artist employs to convey the concept of felt experience. As a characteristic of abstraction, the sensory and somatic is visually rooted from ground to surface and through the visual juxtapositions of colour and the monochromatic. Shape, tone, size and scale, texture and flatness dissolve in the figure ground relationships that exist as a physical reality in the painted surfaces and within the framework of the sculptural works of art.

The exhibition dates for Out of Hand are 13 – 24 August 2013 at The Depot Gallery, 2 Danks Street, Waterloo NSW. The opening event is Saturday 17th August between 3 and 5pm and the Danks street complex is open Tues-Sat 11am to 6pm.


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